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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements and College Placement

Alexander-Smith Academy requires a minimum of twenty-four (24) credits for graduation. ASA offers students the state "Recommended" and "Distinguished" diplomas which require 26 credits for graduation. Course designations offered are as follows: AP® = Advanced Placement, H = Honors, and all others are CP = College Prep. Four English, social studies, math, and science courses are required, and three foreign language courses are recommended, but not required to graduate.

College Preparatory Curriculum

    GRADE 9
  • English I (Pre-AP)
  • World Geography
  • Algebra I (H)/Geometry (H)
  • Biology (H)
  • Spanish I (H)
  • Film Analysis/Web Design
  • PE
    GRADE 10
  • English II (Pre-AP)
  • World History
  • Geometry (H)/Algebra II (H)
  • Chemistry (H)
  • Spanish II (H)
  • Art
  • Speech
    GRADE 11
  • English III/AP Language and Comp.
  • U.S. History/AP U.S. History
  • Algebra II (H)/Math Models/Pre Calculus (H)
  • Physics (H)
  • Spanish III (H)
  • Psychology/Sociology/Business/Yearbook
    GRADE 12
  • English IV/AP Literature and Comp.
  • Government/AP Government and Politics: U.S.
  • Economics (H)
  • Algebra II (H)/Pre Calculus/AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • Biology II H/Forensic Science/Marine Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • Psychology/Sociology/Business/Yearbook
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