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Welcome to ASA

mature young minds

What is the goal at this Houston private high school? Is it as simple as teaching the principles of geometry and physics? Or is it preparation for college? At Alexander-Smith Academy, we believe our purpose, our primary goal is to nurture young minds, providing the tools and tests necessary to help students develop intellectual maturity. For 44 years we've helped young adults expand their minds and challenge their thinking.

We've helped them learn about history and English and science and math. We've helped them learn more about themselves, who they are and what they're capable of accomplishing. And they have responded.

ASA is dedicated to individual educational instruction. We offer a challenging curriculum on three levels: College-preparatory, Honors and Advanced Placement. ASA classes at all levels are taught in a structured, individualized environment. At ASA, we've structured the classes to help students get the most from the learning process. Classes are small enough (5-7 students per class) for students to get the personal attention they need. Classes are large enough, however, to foster interaction, discussion and debate.

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